Career Story: Natasha Deo

By Laura Garrett

Natasha is an International Account Executive here at ReBound with 8 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing, who recently moved to the Netherlands from India. Natasha found the ReBound opportunity through LinkedIn and was hired entirely virtually, completing the whole process online. When asked how this compared to a traditional hiring process, Natasha described the online process as being “really easy, convenient and very smooth.”  

Natasha admitted that she initially thought she might struggle to adapt to life in the Netherlands but says, “I found a family in ReBound, I love going to the office, having lunch together and having after-work social activities together. My team supported me a lot and made it really easy and convenient to settle down. I feel comfortable at ReBound.”  

Natasha also spoke of the initial onboarding experience and noted that COVID-19 made the onboarding process slightly more difficult as she didn’t have full access to the office but credited her team as being really supportive. “It was a lot to take in, but I could reach out to them whenever I had questions or needed help.”  

Adjusting to a new work culture can often take time for international workers, but new cultures also offer a different set of values that can be exciting for expats. When asked about the cultural differences in relation to work between India and the Netherlands, Natasha highlighted a significant contrast in terms of work/life balance. She said, “India has a very workaholic culture, with more focus on work over people’s own lives.” She continued to note that “ReBound has great flexibility, and your personal life is valued—this flexibility is not there in India.”  

Natasha’s biggest takeaway from ReBound so far is that “everyone is very friendly and cooperative which is rare in work culture, this has really supported me to perform my duties.”  

In terms of advice for anyone thinking about making the move to work in the Netherlands, Natasha noted the opportunity to learn a new language as being important. In the Netherlands, English is sufficient, but she says she will learn Dutch as it may be useful for her in the future.  

Natasha’s final piece of advice? A simple two words, “Join ReBound!” 

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