How to Choose the Right Returns Management Solution for Your Company

By Julia Ebelthite

There are many things to consider when looking for a returns management solution. An often-underestimated component of the e-commerce process, returns can have a significant impact on your company’s profits, not to mention customer experience and overall efficiency.  

ReBound is dedicated to optimizing every step of the returns procedure. Our full-service approach to returns management means that every aspect of organizing, tracking, and communicating about returns is handled at maximum efficiency by our experienced team. We’ve thought of every logistical and technological hurdle so that you can concentrate on other areas of your e-commerce operation.  

Choosing a returns management solution that you can rely on is an important decision, so we’ve laid out some of the key things to consider to ensure your stock is returned (and customers refunded) as seamlessly as possible.  

What to look for in a returns management solution

Are you getting a total solution?     

Returns management providers are not created equal. Many different approaches have been designed to solve separate “problem areas” of the process. And while these quick fixes are appealing in the short term, taking a broader overview is more efficient. ReBound manages the process from end to end and across the world. Our modular approach means that we can quickly solve the unexpected challenges that inevitably arise throughout the process.    

Coordination is key 

Another important advantage of end-to-end returns management is that the coordination of suppliers and vendors is included as part of the package. This removes time-consuming responsibilities from retailers – negotiating with postal carriers, arranging contracts with warehouses, following up claims, communicating with tech integrators – and places them with dedicated teams who are experts in these areas. This saves your company time and significantly reduces inquiries from customers.

How far do your returns have to travel? 

While some providers manage returns from one or two large facilities in each country, there are advantages to working more locally. ReBound has built a network of decentralized hubs made up of small and large facilities that all work together, allowing your goods to make shorter journeys. This ensures that products are returned to stock and customers are refunded quickly, which is crucial for customer loyalty and outperforming competitors.

…and what that means for the planet 

Making fewer long-haul journeys also reduces CO2 emissions and helps your organization to meet its sustainability objectives. While other returns management providers focus on short-term wins, ReBound is driven by sustainable decisions. As a market leader, we have the technology that balances logistical convenience with environmentally friendly solutions. By using data to direct the flow of returns, we have the opportunity to reduce environmental impact by shortening journeys and extending the life cycle of returned products.

Consider Value-Added Services (VAS)

The point at which returns are unpacked and checked for reselling potential, known as value-added services (VAS), can end up costing retailers more money and time than necessary. Always opt for full transparency for this important step, as tracking each return and making the data accessible to customers is crucial. ReBound’s dedicated teams manage this in-house, using high-tech data to map each stage of the process. Our service also includes extensive grading, repairing items when required, and fully preparing the product for its next destination, whether that’s putting it back in stock or responsibly recycling it.

Looking to the future

As your proactive partner, we are already ahead of challenges you might not have thought of. We’re constantly piloting innovative ideas that further streamline returns solutions and make your (and your customers’) lives easier. We like to work alongside our clients to help you achieve strategic goals, and we welcome all of your ideas for improving the complex puzzle of returns logistics.

Want to learn more about why major retailers trust ReBound? Contact our team for personalized advice on your returns management.

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