Are US retailers delivering on customer expectations when it comes to returns?

By Alexandra Romantseva

Our latest report is a comprehensive analysis of US consumer behavior across the shopping journey, including product circularity. With a particular focus on returns, we delve into whether what retailers are offering matches the preferences and expectations of their customers and provide actionable tips on how to improve in store and online experiences.

Why is this research important right now? Well, despite concerns of a recession in 2023, the US economy grew by 3.1%. Much of this was due to consumer spending. As a result, we saw similar, if not higher, purchase rates than the years before. Added to this the rise in social commerce, and the challenges this platform brings, and the need for best-in-class customer experience has never been greater.

Download the report to discover:

  • The shopping habits of US consumers and whether social commerce is on their agenda
  • Which returns options are the most popular
  • Which returns options do US consumers prefer
  • Whether sustainability in returns is still a hot topic
  • Why product circularity should be on your 2024 agenda

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