Scalable Logistics

Our scalable logistics solutions cover the entire process of transporting and processing returned parcels.

ReBound has a managed ecosystem of local carriers and warehouses, ensuring that your customers can return packages in the most convenient way for them. We fully manage all the carriers meaning that you only need one single point of contact – us!

Processing in Local Hubs

Once a consumer has registered their return online and sent it back via their chosen drop-off point, we can conduct additional processing activities.

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Step One

Consumer sends a parcel via their chosen return method.

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Step Two

Parcel arrives at our local in-country hub.

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Step Three

Parcel is opened, items are inspected and registered.

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Step Four

Items are graded and reworked, including new packaging and labels.

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Step Five

Items are dynamically sorted to the next location: DC, store, outlet, charity, etc.

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Benefits of Our Scalable Reverse Logistics

Single point of contact

Single point of contact

We manage all partners and carriers for you.

Reduce costs

Lower costs

Reducing overall cost of returns by tapping into an existing ecosystem.



Your returns network grows with you both in volumes and geography.