Smart Technology

Our smart technology solutions include an online returns portal and behind-the-scenes data tools.

Our future-thinking returns technology allows you to offer a truly omnichannel experience. From return initiation, right through to return insights, we give you the tools to harness your return data and offer smart, scalable, simple, and sustainable return solutions.

In-Store Retail Returns Portal

Our retail return portal allows store clerks to return large shipments of merchandise. Follow the journey of a retail return below.

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Register Retail Merchandise

A store clerk registers a return of overstock or out of season merchandise via our retail portal, where it can later be tracked.

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Choose Shipment Type

Store clerks can choose between box or pallet shipments and specify the items that will be returned.

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Approval and Scheduling

Once the return is approved by the retailer or brand, the store clerk can schedule a pick-up date.

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Return Labels

After the pick-up is scheduled, the return labels become available directly in the portal.

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Items are picked up on the selected day and can be tracked via the tracking page on our retail portal.

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