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Launch an 'Online Clothing Bank'

Our online clothing bank is a fantastic way to maximise product donations to a worthy cause by encouraging your shoppers to have a wardrobe clear-out! 

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Why launch an online clothing bank?


59% of customers would donate their items if companies made it easier for them to do so.
(Ellen Macarthur, 2018)


Britons have £10bn worth of unworn clothing in their wardrobes.

(Fashion United, 2020)


74% of shoppers would be interested in donating to charity when returning an item.
(ReBOUND Survey, 2020)
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Enable giving to a worthy cause

Items donated through the portal can be diverted to most major UK charities, allowing you to continue to support charities which you already hold a relationship with. Don't work with a charity already? Not a problem, reach out to us and we will recommend a charity which will align with your brand values



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Prevent unwanted items from ending up in landfill

Use the strength of your brand to encourage more mindful consumerism with access to easily donate unwanted items online instead of binning them. This is a great way to increase engagement with your shoppers post-purchase, whether the items were originally bought from your shop or not!


Online clothing bank

Reward shoppers for donations with discounts or loyalty schemes

With rewards built-in, retailers can offer discount codes, or vouchers to consumers after they register their donation online, incentivising shoppers to donate to charity!


Encourage shoppers to donate without having a physical store

Most retail take back schemes rely on access to physical stores, which makes it difficult for retailers to launch a donation scheme if stores are closed, or if they only sell online. 

By launching an online clothing bank, you can extend your reach nationwide! Shoppers can conveniently  donate products by getting a return label online, without needing to go to a physical store. 



Increase donations

Report on your Impact

By using our donation portal you can easily report on the amount of items which have been donated and diverted from landfill. Allowing you to strengthen your CSR and sustainability messaging with meaningful and accurate statistics.

I would like to learn more about the Online Clothing Bank!




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