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Return Handling

Our network capabilities span far beyond simply moving parcels from A to B. We’ve curated a global network of carriers, fulfillment partners and eCommerce solution providers, so we can get hands on with your returns process.


Delivery and Shipping

Our managed returns service includes first-mile delivery, linehaul and final mile, so from the moment a shopper registers their return online, we take care of the full parcels journey.


Parcel Consolidation

Local return hubs can consolidate your parcels in bulk, reducing shipping costs and carbon emissions. If required, parcels can also be repacked to reduce volumetric size, allowing more parcels per pallet.


Contents Inspection

Have items ready for resale as soon as they hit your warehouse through our in-country inspection and repacking services. This can range from a simple item verification to an in-depth quality check with item repacking.

Sustainable Returns Routing

As part of our commitment to help tackle fashion's global sustainability problem, ReBOUND offers numerous ways to keep end of life stock in circulation and out of landfill. Our regifting, rental and recycling models have responsible returns routing at their core, so shoppers and retailers alike can do their bit for their planet.
ReBOUND Regift
ReBOUND Rental
ReBOUND Recycle


ReBOUND Regift:

74% of Britons believe a retailers' surplus stock should be donated to charity.

ReBOUND Regift is a circular economy and social good initiative which helps keep unwanted items destined for landfill in circulation.

Our longstanding partnership with charity In Kind Direct helps distribute surplus and donated goods to those who need it most whilst extending the lifecycle of products.

More about Regifting




ReBOUND Rental:

In Christmas 2018, £8 million worth of clothing was sent to landfill after just one wear! (Guardian).  Yet, high-end clothing and accessories are desirable items which can have new life on the rental market.

The rental sector is growing considerably with the UK clothing rental market predicted to be worth £2.3 billion by 2029, according to GlobalData. 

You can do your bit for the circular economy with and recover value from returned stock by selling through a rental platform instead. 



ReBOUND Recycle

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, just 1% of clothing is recycled back into clothing, 73% goes to landfill.

Our returns technology supports circular fashion by allowing shoppers to return end-of-life items for recycling, helping keep used garments out of landfill.

How it works:

Using our custom recycling template, shoppers can indicate the item condition online to help with item routing and processing. Spoiled end-of-life stock not worthy of repair or salvage can be consolidated, before being redistributed to our recycling partners.

More About Recycling

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