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Rent Your Returned Stock

If you're looking to maximise product circularity and boost profitability of returns, then convert your returns into rentals! Your returned stock can be routed for resale through a custom branded rental platform, allowing you to hire out clothing under your own brand name.

The Power of Rental


Rental reduces carbon impact by 51%
(Ellen Macarthur)


54% of Gen-Z shoppers say they have rented, or would be interested in renting fashion items
(Fashion United)


The UK fashion rental market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% over the next 10 years, reaching £2.3 billion by 2029.
(Mckinsey, 2021)


Product Circularity

On average, garments can achieve 20 additional wears when they enter a rental channel, so you can reduce waste and pollution by keeping your surplus stock and unwanted returns in use for longer.

Plus, you have the option to donate or sell any products which are at the end of their rental life, ensuring no items will end up landfill.


Flexible Rental Periods

Increase revenue by renting out seasonal garments or holiday gear, alongside your classic purchasing channels. 

The rental platform gives you smart functionality to set rules to control rental windows, allowing certain items to be hired for longer periods of time -  or limiting rental for the most popular items.



Professional Cleaning

All items which are rented undergo professional dry cleaning using an eco-friendly Ozone chamber in-between product rentals. This sanitises all garments to a medical grade clean without the need for any chemical cleaners! This is all part and parcel of the managed rental service to ensure quality, hygiene and extend circularity of your items.


Subscription and Bundle Model

Rental isn't just for luxury items. As shoppers become more environmentally conscious, consumer interest in rental is increasing for fast fashion too. As well as the classic hire model where one item is selected and sent to a customer - typically for an event such as a wedding, you can also offer a subscription model for more affordable brands, where shoppers receive a box of rental goodies each month, bringing rental into our everyday lives, not just special occasions.




Why Rental?



Launch Your Rental Business Within a Month!

We have partnered with leading rental platforms to offer smart rental technology and fully managed rental solutions so you can quickly setup your new rental channel to begin recovering value from returns. 


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Learn More About Launching A Rental Solution


Sustainable Returns Routing

As part of our commitment to help tackle fashion's global sustainability problem, ReBOUND offers numerous ways to keep end of life stock in circulation and out of landfill. Our rental solution allows retailers to make money from their unwanted return stock, contribute to the circular economy and improve brand accessibility.
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