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Reverse Logistics

Our global reverse logistics network coupled with our leading returns technology and team of returns experts, is not only streamlining the international returns process for online retailers, but re-inventing the way the world returns.


In-house logistics team

ReBOUND takes the complexity out of reverse logistics, managing the entire process so you don't have to. Our in-house logistics team continually monitors the global network, ensuring that even in the toughest times your network remains operational.



In-hub warehouse software

Our Intelligent returns platform can be embedded into your end-to-end operations by allowing warehouse staff to scan returns on inspection, automating your returns processing through a single hub system.



Advanced returns handling

Our reverse logistics capabilities go far beyond just parcel movement. Through our 3PL partners we're able to offer a range of advanced returns handling services such as item grading, product repacking and item donation. 


International Parcel Journey

First-mile carrier delivers the item to a local return hub.
 The parcel is scanned in-country with optional contents inspection, and repacking. 
Parcels are consolidated with a manifest and commercial invoice produced.
Consolidated return shipments are linehauled back to the destination country. 
Commercial invoice is used for customs clearance and pallets are cross docked at the hub.
Final mile delivery to the retailers warehouse for return processing.

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