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Introducing our Sustainability Impact Report

by Emily Cotterill


There is so much more to ReBOUND than just moving unwanted parcels from point A to point B. Behind the scenes, we have been adapting our solution to encourage smarter and more sustainable returns practices in the retail industry.

Our first ever 'Impact Report' reflects on our sustainability journey so far, highlighting the actions we’re taking to reduce climate change ⛄️, increase circularity 👗, reduce waste❌ and do more social good 🎁!

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To support the launch of the impact report we asked ReBOUND's Co-Founder and CEO, Graham Best, to explain more about ReBOUND's sustainability journey and the importance of the industry doing more to tackle sustainability issues: 

"Since ReBOUND was founded in 2014, we’ve been on a mission to change the way the world returns and have witnessed tremendous change in the past 7 years particularly in the eCommerce sector.


That’s why at the beginning of last year, we overhauled our company mission statement to better reflect the journey ReBOUND has been on and the direction we’re heading in to achieve a more sustainable future. 2018 was a real turning point for the business as our retail clients began to ask us to plot our carbon emissions for the first time and this sparked a chain of sustainable thinking within the company. In particular, we became focused on the role we play in the return footprint of the fashion industry as a whole, not just our own operations.


Consumers today are more aware than ever of the environmental footprint they leave, and the more sustainable habits they can implement as part of their day-to-day lives. Whether that's consuming less meat, travelling less or making conscious fashion choices, everyone is trying to do their bit for the planet. We have recognised that being connected to hundreds of online retailers as their returns partner means that we are in a unique position to drive change. This rings even more true given our recent acquisition by The Reconomy Group, who’s entire business model is centred around sustainability. With their support, ReBOUND is going to be catapulted into the circular economy space, driving solutions together that can bring about real change.

ReBOUND are still very much on our sustainability journey – and we don’t have all the answers yet. But we’re confident that we’re heading in the right direction and have made real headway over the last 3 years – pioneered by our Head of Sustainability.

We’re committed to be transparent with you about the sustainability journey we’ve been on, the changes we’ve made, and our plans for the future. That’s why we’ve now published ReBOUND’s Sustainability Impact Report. This impact report is our commitment to fulfil our vision to help retailers achieve smarter, more sustainable returns whilst enhancing the customer experience.

I hope that from this report you’ll recognise the changes we’ve already made towards a more sustainable future, and hope it makes you as excited as I am for the future of ReBOUND as we drive change in the fashion industry. There is a bright future ahead and we will work closely with our customers and partners to realise it. Anything less is a wasted opportunity.

I encourage you all to give our Sustainability Impact Report a read, learn more about what we’re doing, and ask us any questions you have.  

Kind Regards,

Graham Best"

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